“Plastic Party” is an exploration into recycling and experimentation using discarded PVC plastic from popped pool floaties. ‘Plastic Party’’ includes a collection of loomed and hand-woven swatches resulting with a final length turned tote bag. The aim is to showcase that up-cycling can still be colourful, fashionable and functional, and is for anyone who wants to keep those aesthetics while being sustainable.


  The PVC was cut into strips and woven into an 8-shaft table loom with a cotton warp; the handweaving the PVC became the warp and framed itself with yarns woven through it. Plain weave and point structures were used and explored to create different lifting patterns like waffle weave, 4/4 twill, point twill and basket weave.

Using the patterned sections of the PVC, such as the eye of the flamingo and the safety warning text on the cherry pool float to bring motifs and non-structural based patterns to the weavings.


   Creations of brightly coloured woven swatches inspired by playful summer pool party decor and design. By incorporating confetti, ribbons and streamers within the swatches ensures a continuation of summer fun in an alternative way.    

   Pool tiling is another concept that helped create the basis of plaids, stripes and checks. Combining PVC strips and yarns to develop, amplify and elaborate the contrast texture, which also indicates a sense of summer.

   Bright and bold colours were used such as tonal pinks, strong reds, black, white and forest green as these were based on the colours of the pool toys. Additionally, tonal sky blues and a sunny yellow were included to compliment and complete the rainbow.


   Keep the pool party going by transforming old loved pool toys into new products, and to be able to retain that summer feeling all year round.